UK Immigration Advice SCAM and UK Immigration Barristers aka UK Immigration Solicitors, oh and before that UK Visa and Immigration. All one and the same set-up to cheat you of your money.



 Following a campaign by those of us who suffered emotional stress and financial loss at the hands of these crooks, UK Immigration Barristers/Global Immigration Solutions Ltd/ has  recently had a change of ownership

 UK Immigration Barristers 2014

is a trading name of Excel Telemarketing Ltd.

Excel Telemarketing Ltd is registered at the same address as Global Immigration Solutions Ltd

 Domain name:


Trading as:

The website has only partially been updated and I will not point out the obvious errors that have been made when making the recent changes (March 2014).  The small print in “Terms of Business” should be read very carefully.

Frequently asked questions:

Are you Immigration Barristers?  No,

UK Immigration Barristers is an intermediary agent. We work with a network of Barristers that we instruct on your behalf.

Then WHY the misleading name?


Second Floor (Suite 203)
146 – 150 Hagley Road
B16 9NX
0845 805 4440


 Kings Court Chambers -‎

0800 368 9225

  My story begins back in 2011 and a company called UK Visa and Immigration, the trading name of UK Visa Specialists Ltd.  Following the demise of this company, business had already transferred to  Global Immigration Consultants Ltd  trading as UK Immigration Barristers (UKIB) .  In all probability they are/were using other names as well. One more name to add to the list is Kings Court Chambers (KCC) where Visa applications are supposedly referred by UK Immigration Barristers.  To muddy the water a little further, another name has cropped up on UKIB website, UK Immigration Solicitors. If you think you have been scammed by any of the above named companies or indeed a company that you think may be linked to these cheats, please write a comment below. Some recent complaints about King Court Chambers run by Tariq Rehman and his team Mohammed Asif Khan, Nigel Wray, Henry Olusola Davies

logo   We were scammed by UK Visa and Immigration in October 2011.  Having received the smooth sales patter, we parted with £900 on the promise of help with a spouse visa application.  Once the money had been paid over, all communication from UKVI stopped.  But, we were persistent, and made daily communication with them until at last a contract was emailed to us (albeit in the wrong name).  We refused to electronically sign the contract until it had the correct name on it, we requested a receipted invoice for our payment of £900.  The contract duly received in the correct name, the receipted invoice in a different name, we still refused to sign a contract until the receipted invoice was corrected.  Exhausting! Moving swiftly on, all communication ceased once more, but we were on the case.  To cut a long story short, we completed a draft copy of the visa application ourselves, only for someone at UKVI to key it into the UKBA computer system, including several mistakes which we had to correct.  We received a shoddy copy of what looked like a crib sheet from UKBA of all the supporting documents we needed to collect which we did and duly submitted to them. At this point, we were wondering why we had paid £900 for a service which we were clearly not getting, so we sent in a complaint.  The complaint was not answered, so another complaint was sent, again unanswered.  We wrote reviews of our experience with UK Visa and Immigration on various websites, we tweeted warnings to others not to use this “service”.  Lo and behold, we hit a raw nerve, because we triggered a response from the PR and Marketing Manager and there the smooth patter began again.  The end result of conversations with this manager was an immediate refund of £900 and a request that all our negative reviews were removed from the various sites. The purpose of this blog is to warn others seeking help with a UK Visa application to check the background of any company they are thinking of using, check review sites, visit company premises, do not part with any money until you have received and thoroughly read a contract which you are happy to sign. Do not forget, UKBA information and advice is FREE. UK Visa Specialists Ltd trading as UK Visa and Immigration is no longer OISC accredited and is now operating under the name Global Immigration Consultants Ltd  trading as UK Immigration Barristers .  In all probability they are using other names as well. In the Matter of UK VISA SPECIALISTS LIMITED (Company Number 07221022) A Petition to wind up the above-named Company, Registration Number 07221022, of  Newland House 4th Floor, 137-139 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 8UApresented on 31 May 2012 by the Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs, of Bush House, Strand, London WC2B 4RD, claiming to be Creditors of the Company, will be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice, 7 Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL, on23 July 2012, at 1030 hours (or as soon thereafter as the Petition can be heard).


The Bar Council has recently published detailed guidance for barristers explaining that any instructions accepted on the basis of a referral arrangement with an introduction agency will breach the Bar Code of Conduct.   UKIB is an unregulated referral agency.  Therefore, any barrister(s) who receive(s) work via UKIB will probably do so in breach of the Code of Conduct.  In this case, a complaint to the Professional Conduct Committee of the Bar Council against the barrister concerned would be appropriate. Research has revealed that clients who contact UKIB are only ever referred to a barrister at ‘King’s Court Chambers’. Be warned, there are unscrupulous agents out there willing to take your money and run. If you want to apply for a UK Visa, do your homework and don’t fall for scammers.  Do some research, don’t lose your money or documents, there are some very sorry tales out there for the reading. Posted below is an amalgamation of reviews collected from various websites, make your own mind up as to whether to pick up that phone and hand over your credit card details:

“This is the worst service you could possibly pay for I to am expriencing the same problems I paid 1000 pounds for an application to be sent to the Home Office and the case worker clearly used somebody elses application and just copy and pasted my name over somebody elses as when I requested a copy of the application it had somebody elses name as well as mine on it and had to be redone.  Since sending my application I got a random email from them stating my case was being moved to another company however that never happened and when I finally manged to contact them about it I was told my case worker and his PA had left the company.  I have not been able to et in contact with them now since May the number has been removed from the website and I get no replys from emails.” “If it was possible to give UK Visa and Immigration zero stars, I would. Never, ever in my life have I come across such an incompetent bunch of people, who are paid to provide ‘professional and expert help’ on matters of immigration. It is all lies and they are complete scammers who have absolutely NO IDEA how the UK Home Office/Border Agency works and certainly are no help what so ever in assisting one secure any sort of visa. The ONLY thing they were quick to do was to take my money!” “I have had to cancel my application twice already because their timelines are completely unrealistic, and the most recent time has been the worst: I have six call-back requests, two emails, and a formal letter from my solicitor asking for my documents to be returned. I have never received ANY contact from them other than a single generic email confirmation nearly 3 weeks ago. The last call I made, where I asked for a call-back before the close of the business day or I would be forced to involve a solicitor, they hung up on me”

“Liars and scammers ”

“Wind up petition against ukvisaandimmigration”

        “once money in their account……… they don’t care”  “DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY – THEY ARE COMPLETE SCAMMERS”

                                     “Wasted 15 months of our time”

                                     “Absolutely shocking”

“i was a client of this company and paid them in advance for work they will now not complete. they have had their licence revoked thru bad practice. they now trade as UK IMMIGRATION BARRISTERS”

“Under NO circumstances don’t deal with them they are fraudsters ” “My partner and i have just completed a visa application with these people and in the beginning uk visa and immigration were well enthusiastic they charged us 1200 to be passed to kings court chambers barristers who they ensured would give us great service, this is what didnt happen.” “I will be going to court, I am not going to let it go.” See Facebook page for more information.  We would be pleased to receive your comments. This Facebook page has either been removed or blocked, presumably the truth hurts profits for these organisations. See Facebook page This Facebook page has either been removed or blocked, are we too close to exposing more than just the companies names in this and other blogs? See Facebook page

A reminder about UK Immigration Barristers

While UK Visa and Immigration was regulated before losing its licence, UK Immigration Barristers has never been regulated. It is a criminal offence to give immigration advice unless those giving advice are legally qualified or the company is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). But secret recording carried out by the BBC shows UK Immigration Barristers giving immigration advice through an unqualified advisor, to an actress who posed as a potential customer. The OISC – which regulates the industry – says it is investigating and has the power to bring prosecutions. Mr Akhtar, the director of UK Immigration Barristers, has launched an internal inquiry into the matter and says the employee concerned has been suspended. He said his firm acts as a broker between barristers and clients and does not provide any “legal advice or services to its clients”. Mr Akhtar said: “I use the services of a few call centres to handle all the calls for my company… The call centre has a strict zero policy regarding giving immigration advice.”

He doesn’t dispute the fact his company is unlicensed but says he was told there is no legal need for it to be regulated.
I am not sure where to go from here – it seems that the a number of people in the legal profession are aware of what is/has been going on but are not willing or able to do anything about it (take a look at disclaimers on legitimate solicitors or barristers websites).
It would be great if just one solicitor or barrister stuck his head above the parapet.
Please continue to add your comments (so long as they are not libellous)